Required Crossfit Equipment For Your Personal Gym

One of the most common inquisitions made to CrossFit professionals is that of which equipment should be put in a home gym. Indeed, the CrossFit phenomenon is a bit of a social, community experience but many who want to reach optimum health would like the freedom to work out at home as well as at the gym.

And for those of you who may be in search of this answer, here are a few Platinum Rig recommendations:

#1:  Olympic Barbell

Pretty much the base of all CrossFit workouts, the Olympic barbell might be the most important piece of equipment in your home gym.  Now, you do not need to buy the most expensive piece of equipment—especially if you are just starting out (because cheap barbells break under heavier weight)—but remember that there is a difference between “affordable” and “cheap”.

The most popular type of Olympic Barbell does not have a center knurl. A center knurl is the rough piece of metal at the center.  This is a somewhat cosmetic issue; but make sure you do not buy a bar with a bolt in the end.

#2: Bumper Plates

Obviously it is not enough to just have a bar.  You need various plates to lift in order to get stronger. However, make sure that you CrossFit rubber bumper plates.  These are particularly helpful in the beginning as you might drop the weights more often while you build your strength.

#3:  Pull Up Rigs

There are many options for this rig but, hands down (or up, so to speak), this is among the more affordable setups that offer you great variety without the addition of weights.   Some can hang from the ceiling, others from one of many other rigging setups.

#4:  Gym Rings

Speaking of simple, affordable rigs that can hang from the ceiling, Gym Rings provide similar “bang for the buck” as the pull up rig.  There are so many core and upper body exercises you can do with rings—and so many different types of rings, at that.

#5:  Plyoboxes

Excellent for building various muscle groups simultaneously (and in isolation) plyboxes are another simple and affordable investment that you can expand as you improve.

#6: Squat Rack